Finally, we are ready to launch you into the TCT Space :-)

I hope you enjoyed your training, and your students will enjoy your training too.

First, the most important information!

If you are not already a member, then join our Facebook Group for TCT practitioners and Instructors.

Do that here: 

To get started with all your learnings, please go to this place: 

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I've moved all online content here for you, so it is more dynamic and easy to monitor for me.

DONT share the link with anyone.

Remember this:

You will pay the certification fee of $165 to ISAHt pr. Student you certify.

1: It will cover their certificate, which we sill email you before the training.

2: It will cover the student's pre-course, which we produce and upgrade continuously for you.

3: It will cover that your students will get access to an online forum afterward, and will never be charged for it.

And it is not annual... It's for LIFE!


When you have watched the first two parts of the online course. The entire presentation and teaching module, the entire content module.

We will schedule a video meeting, where we will talk about where you are in the process, and if you need anything like a small coaching session.

Then I need a full video of you doing a TCT session where you follow all the easy steps so that I know that you can demo it.

Then I need a video of you teaching one of the techniques based on the 4-MAT model.

Last, another video call to certify you and get you going :-)

Complete and Continue