Full Live TCTp Training #1 Las Vegas August 2019

TCTp LV - 01 Introduction.pdf
TCTp 02 What is TCT and prepping clients.pdf
TCTp 03 ceri intro and demo.pdf
TCTp 04 ceri follow up and recap.pdf
TCTp 05 SUDA scale.pdf
TCTp 06 Frustrate and Dream Arm - parts work.pdf
TCTp 07 client tips and info.pdf
TCTp 08 Follow up.pdf
TCTp 09 coaching model and more.pdf
TCTp 09-1 coaching model demo 1.pdf
TCTp 09-2 coaching model demo 2.pdf
TCTp 10 Ending day 1.pdf
TCTp 11 start of day 2 - q and a.pdf
TCTp 12 demo of an resisting client.pdf
TCTp 13 Castorian Collapse.pdf
TCTp 14 follow up and full session.pdf
TCTp 15 finishing the training.pdf
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